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Stories for Children with Leukemia

June 9th, 2013 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

This example is about helping kids fight their Leukemia:

I’m hoping there aren’t people that try to argue that the general principle is a case of lying to children. Comic books are universally understood to be stories. Even when a child wears his Batman costume and says “I’m batman!” The stories provide a mirror for the children with which to understand their own lives. Perhaps some like to debate the presentation though?

I think that many children are now going to understand how this treatment can give them a magic power through this ‘Superformula’.

You can’t tell from this video how it is presented to the children though. If they are directly told that the formula provides “magic power” to make them better, would that be bad? I really don’t think so, but might there be “hard-liner rationalists” that would object to the use of the “magic” adjective?

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