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Brief (Unshared) Reflections on Six Years…

January 27th, 2013 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

Scary how the years fly. The sixth anniversary of this blog passed a few days ago.

Consequence of the strain of thought-exhibitionism I exhibited especially in the early years, this blog serves as some interesting indirect documentation of a journey that has taken me on roads I did not anticipate. And some weeks before the blog’s sixth anniversary I felt I
arrived, yet again, at a destination that I felt I
had, in fact, briefly visited within its first year already.

It’s an experience that has had me wondering about the difference between a shift in a person’s stance on metaphysics and a religious experience. Perhaps a religious experience is the kind of thing that most effectively reconfigures a person’s metaphysics. Or what would be called metaphysics in philosophical circles: I’m not sure people used to discuss “metaphysics”, per se, very many centuries ago? On the other hand, good old Aristotle already wrote books about such matters.

The implications of this particular metaphysical stance was somehow too scary in 2007, and somehow proved to be unstable and dangerous. However I’ve grown a little since then. Ever so slightly. Perhaps. Thus this time around, the stance has proven to be sustainable – for 8 weeks already, and 8 is a most auspicious number if you subscribe to Chinese and Asian culture. 😛

I’m not going to dwell on that topic though. Mostly I’d like to reiterate that this blog isn’t finished — I’m too curious what I’ll be thinking when I look back after seven years. 😉 Commitments are also something I’m scared of though: as much as I want to write at least one post per month, I decided on New Years’ Eve that I’m specifically tired of over-promising and under-delivering. Of course if I promise to stop over-promising and under-delivering, I’d risk under-delivering yet again. 😛

Discussions are very welcome, as usual. My views have managed to solidify into a solid foundation, providing a stance from which I should be able to do most of my writing and thinking. Consequently it may get shared indirectly in this fashion, rather than directly.

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