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“Community” versus “Tribe”

March 17th, 2010 · Posted by Hugo · 1 Comment

Words are interesting in their nuance and their power. Languages are interesting with regards to how they differ in what they can express. I remember seeing my favourite pastor back home using the English word “community” in an Afrikaans sermon/talk/whatever-it-was, because the Afrikaans words available simply don’t catch the idea that well. (Suggestions welcome! What would you use?)

That’s a small digression actually. The main pondering point for this post is that I intend to start using “tribe” where I had used “community” in the past — in particular, for referring to those people that I consider a part of “the tribe”.

The decision was made from the gut. I have started grappling with rational arguments for making the change, enough to conclude it isn’t a bad choice, but not enough to motivate it with concise words. And I don’t think I’ll bother, other than in a discussion below should anyone feel like commenting on this. 😉 Instead, I will soon rerun an old post with the words swapped out and see how it feels.

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  • 1 Bendul // Mar 17, 2010 at 11:23 am

    quick question: (semi-rhetorical, I guess)

    Is language able to communicate ANY idea without altering it?

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