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Have Any New Year Rituals?

January 13th, 2010 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

On 31 December Cobus van Wyngaard tweeted:

What rituals will you be taking part in (privately or in community) to mark the transition period from 2009 to 2010?

I didn’t have much of interest with which to respond, I don’t feel I’ve got much in the line of rituals. Though, I did have some champagne with friends, and I briefly wondered if there are any new year’s resolutions I’d want to make. I found my resolutions aren’t particularly new though, they’ve been with me for quite a while, at best I can attempt to recommit to them.

With regards to life I do have some plans for the year, what I’d like to do in my private life and some vague ideas as to what to pursue in my work life, not particularly new-years-resolution-like either. But it’s there.

One “resolution” I thought I’d mention is: less time and energy talking about what I want to do and intend to do, and more time and energy actually doing it. Thus from now on I’ll spare you blog posts making promises about the future, e.g. I won’t reiterate my intentions to publish at least one post per week… uh… oops, I just did, didn’t I — but I won’t say anything more than that.

I will take this opportunity to point out that this blog is no longer my navel-gazing blog. If you’re interested in my life, in me personally, because you’re a friend and suffer from some weird kind of voyeurism with regards to navel gazers, you might be happy to learn I’m still being a navel-gazing-exhibitionist, but I’m doing it elsewhere. If you ask I’ll point you at it.

Enough of that. I’m curious if any readers had some interesting rituals with which they mark the start of another trip around the sun? (The “start”? An arbitrarily chosen culture-dependent “start” of course!)

Happy New Year!

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