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Kicking Into Gear

December 12th, 2009 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

Yesterday I had another of those “Should I import into Facebook? Should I not import into Facebook?” moments. I chose “no, don’t import”, as part of the general idea of separating and unlinking the “identities” I have on the ‘net. So I unimported my notes, then promptly, or not so promptly, manually deleted each of several hundred imported notes that didn’t prompt any user interaction. (Deleting posts with comments or “Like”‘s would actually lose/delete information, and I find it very hard to do that.)

It was somewhat sad: I saw I had started with the importing right from my very first blog post ever. (I’ve been on Facebook for a bit more than three years.) But much more interesting was the experience of going over all those old posts, looking at titles bring back sufficient memories, but also catching some words here and there, reading a random post every now and then, and noting the responses some of those posts elicited.

I observed the ups and downs of my posts over the last nearly three years, the posts that really worked and rocked the blog, the posts with which I lost myself in a quagmire of trying to explain all the context necessary to be “fully understood” (hah! that’s chasing after a myth!), the myriad of loose ends and first posts in a set of posts I never finished writing… and of course the significant madness towards the end of finishing my thesis and shortly after. 😉

On the Facebook front, I’ve flip-flopped back to importing, *sigh*, but I’m still not sure. I would consider reinstating the “No Notes” list which I had removed back in April, but it doesn’t seem like I can distinguish between status updates, links, notes, photos, and videos anymore in Facebook privacy settings. :-/

More valuable though was the recap I just talked about. With memories refreshed as to which posts work, which posts are simply too hard to write and not worth it, and a better idea of where to care and where to apply apathy in order to get things written well, I’m looking forward again to the next couple of months of blogging. You’ll notice I’m picking up the pace, hopefully I can sustain it — if I do it right, it should work wonders with regards to keeping me in a positive frame of mind and thus more productive at work as well. The pace is just under threat of holidays right now. (Scheduling to the rescue? Maybe?)

Anyway, hold on to your horses, it’s time to turn up the signal-to-noise ratio.

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