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Back from Hiatus, and Thank You!

July 14th, 2009 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

It seems to be better that I don’t say what I’ll be writing when, since I so seldom keep to such plans. Anyway, consider this blog to be back from hiatus. Also, subscribe so that you don’t have to keep visiting the site to see if there’s something new. 😉

Thanks to all supporters!

While I was away, I received another message via Facebook from a complete stranger saying “keep on blogging!” I’d like to thank all my supporters for your support, it certainly helps to keep me motivated. I especially love these “out of the blue” messages, reminding me there are also lurkers that find some value in this blog. I love hearing from you, and I remain curious what you’re looking for, what you find most valuable or interesting.

Where is Chapter Three?

Don’t worry, it is on its way! 😉

Even if it gets delayed for an unhappy amount of time. Even if I were to stop blogging some day… I’m not done with my current “blog arc” until I’ve taken a good shot at Chapter Three. However, I’m forced to delay it until I have a mechanism in place to deal with the inevitable derailing comments.

One of the most important elements of my vision for the future of this blog, for Chapter Three and beyond that is, is the open and friendly atmosphere I want to establish and maintain. To see our efforts dashed to pieces before our eyes as negative and destructive types loot the community’s openness.

Since time is few, and I’m no longer making promises, we’ll all have to exercise patience until those mechanisms have been implemented. Hopefully before Christmas anyway. :-/ In the meantime, we’ve more than enough interesting stuff to keep us busy! On to the first “meeting” of our book club next, yay!

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