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Carnival of the Africans, and CMI Noah’s Flood Talk Transcript

August 31st, 2008 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

This month I participated in the inaugural edition of the new Carnival of the Africans by submitting Creation Ministries International Strikes Stellenbosch Again — Noah’s Flood?, in order to share my posts on the March CMI seminar. The Carnival of the Africans is an attempt to encourage scientific and skeptical blogging in South Africa. The focus of my blog does typically differ from the focus of that carnival, so only time will tell how often I participate. My time for science blogging is limited, after all, I’m not really a scientist.

For that reason, I will also not have time to attempt a similar treatment of the Noah’s Flood seminar, so instead I’m just providing a link to Auke’s transcript. (A friend pointed out she — if I correctly remember who it was — opposes the use of the word “seminar” for these things. 😉 I suppose I could rather call them “talks”?) Auke’s hope is that some scientists in relevant fields will be able to give a thorough response to such nonsense from their areas of expertise.

You may wonder: “does it really matter if some people take some mythological stories literally instead of metaphorically?” Well, imagine the potential impact when a science-denying creationist is appointed dean of a faculty of Natural Sciences at an otherwise excellent university. Even if he is able to keep his own beliefs out of the picture, it could affect e.g. funding decisions. So the fight for a good education continues, and we continue to hold thumbs for the appointing of a good dean. (Without taking a thumb-holding superstition seriously: it’s merely a figure of speech. M’kay? You got that?)

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