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Ah, Clashes…

February 6th, 2008 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

Just a misc personal update. As I’ve mentioned previously, I want to go on four weeks of holiday starting with Easter. I have a couple of other activities on Tuesdays. This clashes with Shofar’s Bible School. Yup, I went to Bible School yesterday! It was just the intro session. I’m quite eager to learn what they teach, it will enable me to converse with my cousins, amongst whom there are some quite serious Shofarians.

So what to do? I’m considering the correspondence course for more freedom with regards to time. However, they tell me the correspondence course is outdated, that it would be better to do the Tuesday-evenings course. What happens when you miss four Tuesdays in a row? (Or five, even?) Or when there’s something else I have to do on a Tuesday night?

Personally, I’m unable to become a Shofarian, the “contract” you sign when you join has some clauses I am unable to agree with. My “spiritual home” remains Stellenbosch Gemeente. Their Bible School is “interdenominational”, so that is not a problem. The only thing I’m going to miss out for failing to sign the contract, is F3/F4/F5. (I have done F1 and F2, Shofar’s first two “Foundations” courses, more on that later.)

Now I’ve gotta run around and get my paperwork in order for the US Embassy. Eish… too little time, I bet they will deny me a visa. 😐 This weekend is also problematic: I should prepare my thesis defence, I want to go trail running with my uncle, I want to watch a movie and attend a concert with my sister, but I’ve signed up to play the Go tournament. In addition to signing up, I’ve offered a lift to two other people… gah! Seems I should be more hesitant to jump into commitments?

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