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Unpacking My Baggage

December 17th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · 1 Comment

This past year has been very liberating for me. In my search, I finally managed to drop all the baggage weighing me down by the side of the road. While I could say “good riddance”, there is always the possibility of someone else picking up that same baggage. So I hope to retrace my steps, find the old suitcases, and unpack them. In the process, I will try to separate the good from the bad, and illustrate or explain the parasitic relationship that exists between the two.

You may notice I’m now going for two blog posts per day: one is not enough, but I need to limit myself to avoid blogging too much. (Thinking too much is already bad enough.) I also want to try to cater for people that only read this blog once or twice per week. This requires a compromise. The solution I am attempting, is to interleave numerous threads. This way, if someone is interested in only one particular thread, they can come and read it once a week. Posts are filed under numerous categories to help with selective reading.

The main categories I will be employing for the rest of the year, are:

  • Religion and Science – This category is now for discussions of science and its implications for religion, and vice versa. Currently this category is featuring a series on a recent Creationism seminar.
  • Religion and Religion – This category is for theological matters not directly related to science. It will be used for unpacking my baggage. (Of course, I still reserve the right to refer to science in this category. How can I not?)

Church-specific categories:

  • Stellenbosch Gemeente (first post coming soon) – I currently consider Stellenbosch Gemeente to be my “spiritual home”. As such, it is likely that I might struggle to remain unbiased. I will try my best, but I invite outsiders to join me and discuss their impressions with me.
  • Shofar – I have a short history with Shofar, three months in 2004. I very recently decided to start attending Shofar again, on days that I am able to attend two churches (in making these decisions, I attach a higher priority to Stellenbosch Gemeente).
  • NG Kerk – A category for the Dutch-Reformed Church.

Let me know if you’d like to be able to subscribe to the RSS feed of a particular category.

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  • 1 Hugo // Dec 18, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    For the record, I received an interesting but very long comment on my “about” page (“You New?” at the top). It ended up in the moderation queue due to many links. I prefer it there, it was off-topic on the about page, and dropped there for the purpose of higher visibility.

    I’m thinking of picking it apart and looking for the “good” and pointing out the “bad” (from my biased perspective) in yet another series of posts. It will probably be in the “Religion and Science” category. I’ll have to write a post on ad-hominem attacks before I do so though. (I get attacked, but most of the post seems to be directed at George Claassen. Hmm…)

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