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30 Days of Night

December 16th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

It has been a long time since I went to watch a movie. What a choice we made. 30 Days of Night. Horror. I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a horror movie on the big screen. It was horrifying.

The age restriction was 18V. Now there’s something significant about 18V: there is no L, there is no N… it is all V. We are so desensitised to violence these days, that to score an 18 on just V, it has to be really, really hectic. It has to be “The Passion of The Christ” hectic. The last time I felt this disturbed watching a movie must have been when I watched Event Horizon. And that was on a TV, not on the big screen.

Now here’s the thing: if you can look past all the violence and gore, if you can get past the “labels” hiding the true message, you can find truth. In “The Passion of The Christ”, truth is found in the eyes. Compassion. What can be accomplished by compassion borders on the supernatural.

30 Days of Night? Another story of a person moved by compassion for his community, for those he cares about, and willing to sacrifice everything in order to make a difference. In this case, the messianic figure is the Sheriff. A guy bearing the weight of his town on his shoulders. A guy that refuses to give up, refuses to get caught up in pondering to-and-fro understanding every irrelevant detail of the situation, but rather focuses on what needs to be done. He focuses on what the next step should be.

But enough about the individual, the other key truth found in the movie, is the community. The way you need to build good relationships, digging past all the fa├žades that society forces on us, to see inner strength and support one another. We are a gregarious species, we are not whole on our own, we are whole when we live in community, with deep, significant relationships. Each of the core characters had his or her role to play, each made their own contribution in their own way.

We don’t all have to be the hero, for we are in this together. As a community, together, we can work wonders.

Right, some feedback? Did that sound too much like sentimental mush? I’m blowing off steam. I attended both Stellenbosch Gemeente and Shofar today. Combined, it was an incredibly moving experience. Emotional stuff… so much so that I would prefer to write about it tomorrow or the day after, when I’m more calm and collected.

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