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Good Old Evangelism

November 27th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

The word “Gospel” has become a swear word in certain circles. What a pity. Let’s rather talk about “Good News” then.

What this world needs, is good old-fashioned, nay, ancient, evangelism and missionary work. Yes, you read that right. Evangelism and missionary work in the style of the pre-colonial, pre-modernistic era. Missionaries that understand the power of syncretism and are able to recognise the good, nay, the God, in everything they find. Missionaries that know how to communicate. Christianity spread so successfully because the missionaries wielded syncretism, they understood what it means to communicate from within a contrasting culture.

Humans are irrational. The human is not a rational animal. The human merely has access to rationality. This combination is known as the human condition. To deny this, is to deny humanity, to deny nature, to commit the great sin that is “abstinence-only sex education”.

Humanity has lost the ability to communicate. Modernism, or fact-fundamentalism, has destroyed our ability to listen and understand one another. Colonialism forces our culture down onto other people, rather than seeking to understand and see the value and truth of their culture. Only once we understand another culture, can we contribute directly.

What this world needs, is good, old-fashioned, highly skilled missionaries and evangelists, that are able to combine the wisdom and communication skills of a pre-modern era, with the knowledge we have gained during the modern era. Viva post-modernism!

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