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A Change of Plan, and Blog Hiatus

November 16th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · 2 Comments

I’ve had a slight change of heart. I had some interesting and fun plans for the rest of the year, playing some interesting games, and demonstrating certain things personally. Rather melodramatic.

With encouragement from other sources (much appreciated, thanks!), I’ve decided to drop my attention-whoring ways, change tack, and approach the matter from a slightly different angle. I will be taking a more academic approach to sharing my perspectives. I’m less likely to demonstrate, more likely to simply explain as clearly as I can. This will hopefully communicate the ideas better, but likely places more responsibility in the hands of my readers to get the most out of it. I.e., it will likely be less of an “experience” than it would have been. It will save me time and energy though, which I can hopefully apply more usefully elsewhere.

Because of the change of strategy, I need to reconsider/reword the five posts that were scheduled. As such, I have de-scheduled them, until December. I’m sure I will still publish them, but the disclaimers will be adjusted and the context will be explained in greater depth. That means this blog should be completely silent until I’m done with The Thesis. You can visit again in December, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed so that you will be informed when the blog is updated again.

Thanks for being good sports, it was fun. I look forward to the next chapter of TTM, starting in December. And yes, I’m still calling it a Church, I’m still giving sermons from “my pulpit”, I’m still writing Mengelmoes, I’m just trashing the melodramatic attention-whoring that I had planned. Good riddance…

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  • 1 Hugo // Nov 25, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    This was a stupid idea. (The hiatus.) If I had asked the myself of a few weeks ago, I’d have warned myself about this. I discovered you can’t close the bubbling champagne bottle once it’s been opened (and still bubbling).

    The only thing that works, is connecting creative output to milestones in my thesis. Finish this section, then I can comment. Finish that chapter, then I can blog. That kind of thing. So back to that strategy.

    I just went for my first run since I tore my ankle. It was great. And my next blog post bubbled into my head. So as soon as I finish… um… the section I’m now starting (to revise, I have some material already), it will go out.

  • 2 Hugo // Nov 25, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    Or some mix between the two ideas. Just nothing dogmatically. Use what works, reinforce the positive, don’t let dogmatic rules rule. Rules bring death.

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