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Information Overload

November 14th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · 2 Comments

I’m planning a number of features for Mengelmoes that will hopefully help deal with information overload. Many of these features will be social in nature. We’ll have to see how well they work.

Update: I just realised I only have two weeks left. Where did all the time go?! No wait, don’t answer that.

Two weeks, for finishing the draft (requires another chapter and huge improvements to existing chapters), getting feedback, making corrections, writing the first and last chapters, running a couple more experiments (yup, I’m going to run a couple more experiments – the code is pretty much ready though, I just need to configure and hit “run”). This is absolutely crazy. But this is right up my alley, this is what I was good at, back in 2003, before Shofar broke my mind in 2004.

Right, so to work this miracle, I will personally disappear from I have made one final pass over the scheduled posts, making a few minor corrections/improvements. Now I’m closing this page, and not loading again, until December. At that point, I’ll have good news, or I’ll have bad news.

There are six posts scheduled. The first goes out this evening, at six. The rest go out once every sixty hours. The last goes out at six on the morning of 27 November. That weekend is a mystery. I don’t know whether I will post or not. Hopefully I will be attending a wedding in Graaff-Reinet. Hopefully my thesis will be handed in before I leave, rather than as soon as I get back.

Play nice. I will be watching comments via email, but I will exercise an unheard-of
amount of self-discipline (for me, anyway) by not replying to any of them. Until December. In Desember sal ek al die vure kom probeer dood slaan. 😉 (Sorry Gerhard, we’ll talk again in December.)

I need a miracle.

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  • 1 gloep // Nov 14, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    And Hugo has now been banned from reading further comments, too.
    So have some fun by giving him an insane amount of catching-up to do when (if?) he finally returns from exile.

    Mwaahaahahhahaah no, that’s evil. Be nice.

  • 2 Rinus // Nov 14, 2007 at 1:30 pm


    I love the tags for this post:

    Tags: Mengelmoes · Miracle · Shofar

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