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A New Church?

November 4th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · 4 Comments is currently housed in a temporary building. In fact, all buildings are temporary, all buildings fade. Dust to dust.

As I have the job of architect of this little homestead in the noosphere, I have been dreaming up a new architecture over the past few years. (The first pre-alpha prototype was developed in mid-2005. That original prototype is hardly recognisable in the most recent incarnation of the plans.)

As this new architecture develops and evolves, a new building will be erected. Eventually we’ll move out of the current building and into the new one. This can happen as soon as the new building is deemed “safe”, and has enough facilities to replace all the current facilities.

The raw material used in this architecture, at least initially, will be Python.

The new architecture will make many things possible. Once the first building is constructed on, the dream includes having many satellite buildings, possibly connected by wormholes or a Floo Network, allowing near-instant travel between each of these buildings. We will ideally also have portkeys to other places that are not directly connected to the Floo Network.

Facebook is another building we are currently using for informal get-togethers. As soon as the new architecture is proven successful, we will hopefully be less dependent upon borrowing facilities belonging to other people. This is especially important to those that do not like hanging out in that particular neighbourhood.

The proposed name for the architecture used to be “PyMeliMelo”, named after the French “méli mélo”, which means something like “a complete jumbled mixture…”, e.g. “a méli mélo of ideas”, a complete mixed-up of ideas (thanks Maud). However, in its latest incarnation, the architecture will probably be called “Mengelmoes”, which is an Afrikaans word with similar meaning.

May this dream become a reality…

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  • 1 Johan Swarts // Nov 4, 2007 at 5:06 pm

    hehe…en dan is daar altyd die afrikaanse woord “poespas”.

    reiswenke is een woord 😉

  • 2 Maud // Nov 5, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Je t’en prie ! 😉

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