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A New Religion?

October 29th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · 7 Comments

It may seem I am starting a new religion – I am not
It may seem we are starting a new religion – We are not
This religion is not new – This religion is old
This religion is a couple of million years old – If not older
This religion is called – “We Are Human”

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  • 1 Kevin // Oct 30, 2007 at 9:57 am

    Ah, Humanism is the label that I stick onto this kind of religion.

    So you get the Humanist sticker (in my mind only, of course). I, for one, am still not entirely convinced the human species is all that special. So I’ll just stick to the Skeptic sticker for now.

    Then again… whether the human species is special or not, it probably still makes sense to act for the good of your own species as a whole.

    Regardless, life is precious to us because we are alive (or so we feel). But the terrible truth is that the universe does not care.

    Oh no, it seems I am now almost ready to stick the Nihilist sticker on myself! That means I’ve gone from Stofpoeper to Christian to Devout Christian to Skeptic to Almost-Buddhist to Secular Humanist to Agnostic to Militant Atheist to Atheist/Agnostic to Nihilist… what comes next? I suppose there isn’t much after Nihilism is there…

    I think I’m going to get someone to create a bunch of those refrigerator magnets, from a list of all the “faith denominations”. Then I can stick something to my fridge that goes along the lines of “Today I am a(n)” followed by whatever. Or maybe create a line of transfers that stick to the insides of chocolate wrappings… like a lucky packet with life-changing implications.

    But seriously, not even “We are Human” is an absolute truth to live by. All human reasoning is fallible, giving me a terrible headache most of the time.

    PS. Editing and re-editing comments before canceling them just isn’t as much fun as it used to be… so now I resort to rambling and punching “Submit”.

  • 2 Kevin // Oct 30, 2007 at 9:57 am

    Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be…

  • 3 Hugo // Oct 30, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Tut tut, labels! One post, and *wham*, a label comes your way. 😉 Don’t fear labels though, they’re useful. Just don’t get stuck on any. Do keep moving around, like you do.

    Nihilist, final label? No. I bet you thought that for every of your previous labels. And yet, there was a “next”. Keep searching, keep travelling, faster and faster, eventually you’ll fly.

    Yea, unlike my original rationale for accepting this tiny comment box, I now realise a tiny comment box encourages long comments, not discourages it.

    So let me end with some more madness:

    “Today I am a(n)” aka “I’m human”
    “My reasoning is fallible” aka “I’m human”
    “I do get headaches” aka “I’m human”
    “Life is precious” aka “I’m human”
    “The universe does not care” aka “I’m human”
    “I’m a part of the universe, I care, so the universe does care after all” aka “I’m human”
    “Editing and re-editing becomes silly” aka “I’m human”
    “Just punch submit and be done with it” aka “accept you’re human, avoid the delusion of perfectionism, comments and communication will never be flawless. Instead, build relationships… and communication becomes much easier”

    OK, that’s enough for now. (aka I’m human…) 😉

  • 4 Kevin // Oct 30, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    This blog is full of goodness, and the occasional bad(ass)ness. You’ve attained yourself one more regular reader. Keep it up!

    I agree, “We are Human” is a worthy religion for us. But note the problem we have once we make contact with zee alienz, or some other form of existence (other than life as we know it) that we perceive as more noteworthy than the hamburger I’m planning on eating for lunch.

    One must ask who has the better approach to life (if only for entertainment value).

    There is the Russel-Einstein approach:
    “Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.”

    Then there’s the Sobchak-Lebowski approach:
    “Fuck it. Let’s go bowling.”

  • 5 Hugo // Oct 30, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    Nice one! Thanks. 😉

    Who has the better approach? BOTH! Muhahahaha!

    Labels, categories…

    We know we have common ancestry with all animals on earth. We better get used to getting past our differences. When we meet zee alienz, there will be new challenges. We could have apartheid all over again… or we could celebrate what we have in common (typically a paradox which includes our diversity). We would find new labels. For now, “we are only human” will have to do. As much as labels suck, they do serve some purpose.

  • 6 Kevin // Oct 30, 2007 at 1:18 pm


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