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Double Sucky Way to Win

March 22nd, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · No Comments

So Sunday saw a (no-cash) game of no-limit Texas Hold’em (poker) at Steve’s. I went broke early, playing like a real dufus. However, taking over Jocelyn’s stack saw me win the game. That’s the first sucky thing…

Winning was achieved by a very lucky straight on the river (5th card), having to put all-in on the turn (4th card), just to stay in the round, and then another straight (an all-in?) right at the end. Today I find out, reading a post on Steve’s blog, that we incorrectly had my straight beat his flush, and I should have been broke on my first straight. Steve writes:

8) I finally bought myself a poker set. (Thanks for the 2006 birthday present, Dad!). And we initiated it in a (no-cash) game of no-limit Texas Hold’em after a bring and braai at our place on Sunday. I was doing well, but Hugo, who went broke early, took over Jocelyn’s stack when she had to leave after a short while. He slowly built up, and it came to a big pot where I had a flush. He showed a straight, and the page we had indicated a straight to be higher. Well, that knocked me hard, and I shortly went out in second place to Hugo. My later research shows that a flush is actually higher than a straight, so I am rather disappointed in my source. But we had a fun time anyway.

So, Steve, a rematch is required? (Hmm, maybe next semester? After 13 August maybe?) Or how would you like a whipping at Backgammon? 😉 I look forward to playing you when you start playing strategically, I want to know how deluded I am to think I’m good at Backgammon.

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