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Sadness is: No racing for me this weekend!

March 20th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · 2 Comments

Probably good for my thesis that I am unable to participate, but Saturday’s WPASS March Madness just sounds like _so_ _much_ _fun_! It has orienteering and paddling, and some travelling from one to the other. Two of my currently favourite activities. So why can’t I take part? I have a lil’ tear in my Soleus muscle, one of the calf muscles. (Left leg.) It happened five weeks ago, during my two week hiatus. Cycling is not too bad (I did use it as an excuse to train less for the Argus), and paddling is fine.

Last Saturday I did go paddling, in the Hermanus-Stanford race, first time back in the boat since the Totalsports Challenge on 6 Jan, so I was unfit. I think I came in around 90th (will know later), instead of last year’s 55th (of about 120), and you’re supposed to improve in your second year of paddling. 😐 Oh well. Maybe while my calf is healing, I should focus a bit on paddling? (Yes, yes, or my studies.) After the race was done, I paddled back to the start, like all the “good/hardcore people” seem to do. Good exercise, double race distance. It was a short race though, around 15km? The long portage in the middle was tiring, luckily my calf didn’t bother me much. Souvenirs? Just a little bit of sunburn, bruised shoulders and stiff muscles. I forgot to take a T-shirt or sunscreen. Also forgot the energy bar I wanted to eat before the start.

Sunday (25th) there is an orienteering race at Jonkershoek. For more information, follow the links on the PENOC website. Sorry, silly links, I can’t link directly to the race. I might be there, maybe walking the short route with my sister, to introduce her to the sport. Walking should still be fine… I think…

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  • 1 Hugo // Mar 20, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    I forgot to mention. This has finally made sense of the slogan of Go Multi (a multisport magazine): “Life’s too short for only one sport”. If I only did one sport, e.g. something involving running, I would be out of action now. Life is too short to wait to heal, since I also paddle, I can continue taking part in something! Wheee!

    BTW, I wrote “lil'”, I wonder if that’s wrong. Maybe it should be “li’l”, eh?

  • 2 Hugo // Mar 26, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    So I was 92nd out of 139 in the Hermanus-Stanford race. Yuck. 😉 And on last week’s Dam Dice, I came in on 51:30 – ok, it was bad weather, bad wind, but even in bad weather, I used to be able to come in under 50 mins without too much trouble. I will of course just have to accept not being in the “top 50%” at races, as I am currently not particularly likely to train more than once or twice a week.

    I walked the short/easy route with my sister at the Jonkershoek orienteering race on Sunday. The little tear in my calf did pain afterwards, I think it was the right decision (to do something, but the minimum). It took us about 50 minutes. Let’s hope my sister gets hooked! 😉 I recommend the long/easy route for everyone and anyone that is interested, next race is in Grabouw, on 29 April. (No need to “race”, consider it just a lekker walk or “treasure hunt” in a beautiful setting. Need a lift from Somerset West area? Or more info? Leave a comment!)

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