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Fitness Faking at the Mountain Bike Challenge

March 4th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · No Comments

The Mountain Bike Challenge this morning was great fun. My bike was still in a state of ill repair, so I did not “have access” to all my gears. It took me 3 hours 15 minutes, for 55km. It might be crazy of me to wish to achieve the same time on the race next Sunday – 108km? I will put up pictures when I eventually get them. There were some really nice bits to this race, good variety of terrain (including fast flowing water, over a weir!) Rather excessive number of participants, which means if you’re not fast and in the first bunch, there’s a little less point in “racing”. The single track sections, the uphills, the downhills… everywhere there’s people that don’t specialize in that particular part.

‘Tis definately good for the psyche, getting out and doing something like this. Maybe it classifies as fitness faking? That’s fine, maybe I need something like that. I’m in absolutely no danger of proving true fitness (we’re talking natural selection here) in the foreseeable future. 😉

(Yea, I used that link in the “E.T.” article as well. I like the article enough to insist on linking more than once, to increase the chance of it actually being read!)

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