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The Argus will be Interesting

February 6th, 2007 · Posted by Who Knows? · 1 Comment

My next race will be the Cape Argus / Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour, on 11 March. No, actually, I lie. I’m also doing the “Mountain Bike Argus” the weekend before that. It’s gonna be fun! However…

I had a good base on 6 January, thanks to the Totalsports Challenge. However, since then, I’ve climbed one mountain, and gone for short 30 minute cycles only three times. Not good. I will cycle every day this week (until Friday), though I don’t really have time for long sessions. Then I’m away for two weeks, with no cycling. I will do other sports though, maybe go running as well. Hopefully I will return relatively fit, as I then have less than a week until the Mountain Bike Argus, and just under two weeks until the rat race itself… And then I was dreaming about a 3h15!

My best Argus was my first, at 3h40, but that was with a mountain bike. I am doing the roadie thing this year. My worst… well, that was last year, and it was bad, because it was the day after a 7 hour adventure race. My body couldn’t really handle that. Took me 4h50! Anything could improve a seeding derived from a 4h50, so I did the Tour d’Winelands, on 3 December 2006, in 70km/h winds (according to the official site) and driving rain, without training for it. (“Over 90% finished…”, isn’t that inspiring.) It took me a good 4h20. Yea, bad, but it still improved my Argus seeding… to S. Haha. S! That’s bad. And I’m hoping for a 3h15? I make me laugh! Then again, I love a good challenge… wish me luck! (I should rather dream of achieving 3h30, that should be tough enough?)

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