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Comet McNaught

January 25th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · No Comments

Comet McNaught

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The night before the Helderberg hike, Friday 19 January, I had an impromptu Comet (and Hamburger) Party, inspired by Willie. We were a group of seven. I discovered that my cottage can handle about seven. More than that would be problematic, unless I figure out how to effectively and neatly “spill outside”.

Anyway, I didn’t really take comet pictures, I left that to my guests. (I still have to collect those.) The picture on the right was taken three days later. (And my best sighting of the comet was two days earlier, I think. Also, no pictures, sorry, which might be why I’m believing it was my best sighting. 😉 ) McNaught has already featured as the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” about 10 times. My favourite one (from the APOD collection) was probably the one from 22 January – the picture was actually taken on Friday, same day as our party.

Having this “party” resulted in me being in bed “late”, probably getting less than six hours of sleep. (I typically need my eight, unfortunately.) Followed by the mountain climbing the following day and a wedding that night, gave me a second very late night. So Sunday was a bit of a write-off. I was in Zombie mode, my brain insisting on slumbering all day. That didn’t make me a particularly good conversationalist at lunch, which I had with family and a friend visiting from Mpumalanga. Oops.

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