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Totalsports Madness

January 24th, 2007 · Posted by Hugo · 4 Comments

This was originally posted to my Facebook Notes on 7 January – the race was obviously on 6 January:

I survived the Totalsports Challenge yesterday. It involved (distances approximate) 12km surfski, 1.5km swim, 50km road bike, 13km run, 13km K1 (paddling, racing kayak), 25km mountain bike, and to finish, a nice 9km run on the beach, in soft sand, with high tide. Argh! Anyway, it was great fun, took me a good 8 and a half hours. Took a power nap in the car and was still able to attend a wedding in the evening.

The wind with the (K1) paddle picked up, and, being on open-water (Botriviervlei), it looked like a ship’s graveyard, with many people floating in the water with the last 1m of their kayak spiking out of the water next to them…

The only real setbacks I had were on the mountain bike: a puncture and some rear derailleur problems. Both probably my fault, I should have used a new tube (or ideally go tubeless!), and I should have cleaned my bike (more often). The tube I had in the back already had a number of punctures, “fixed” by slime, i.e. possibly not adequately or permanently enough. I’ll be doing a post-mortem on the tube to see if I can learn anything about the causes of that puncture. The rain probably got some of the dirt still on my bike, into the joints of the derailleur.

(Totalsports is the sport store chain sponsoring this challenge. Not linking to their site, as it doesn’t seem to work.)

Update: I came in 12th in my category (male individuals). Two of the five females beat me, making me the 14th individual. (A total of 34 individuals took part.) My cousin (who came in first) was about two hours faster than I! *respect!* See the full results, or the TV schedule.

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